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There's nothing more frustrating than looking at all those potential dream homes, when the fact is that whatever you find you can’t do anything about it, as you’re stuck in your current property.

This ‘Sales Trap’ situation has left many people dreaming of a new home, without being able to make it a reality.

Who is Rent to Move for?

The solution could be much simpler than you thought by Rent to Move (or let to move). Rent your current home out to move to your new home. This scheme could help you if you want to move and are looking for a solid investment or if you have been trying to sell your property for a while but with little success.

Rent to Move is an investment

You probably already pay into an investment ISA or Pension; however with Rent to Move you have someone else paying your investment for you. Your current home is the investment and you retain it as an asset for future financial benefit.

Whilst becoming a landlord can be a daunting prospect for those new to it - don’t worry. At Taberns we can take care of everything to make sure that the experience will be a good one. We can make sure you…

  • Receive expert mortgage advice to check this option will suit you and,
  • We can manage your rented property by finding and vetting tenants, dealing with deposits, inventories, repairs and any other tenant issues.

Rent to Move is not suited to everyone, but it costs nothing to talk to us about your options.

How we could help you

If you would like to consider Rent to Move, you can contact us for a no obligation appointment in the comfort of your own home with our independent mortgage advisors Quadrant. Together with Quadrant we will:

  • Answer all your questions associated with how Rent to Move works
  • Assess your financial status to see if the scheme will work for you
  • Organise everything, including finding the appropriate mortgage product
  • We can then place a fully referenced tenant in your current home paying your rent, thus releasing you to move in to your next dream home

With our help, the dream home you’ve set your heart on could actually become a reality quite quickly.