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Renting a home is taking on a big responsibility and as with anything you do in life there's always the detail stuff that seems boring and you feel could wait to another day. We've tried to condense the 'small print' here and give you the tenant a comprehensive overview of the 'do's and don'ts' of renting a home. We strongly urge you to take the time to read the information, which will put you in a much more informed position before renting your next home.


What You Can Expect From Us

Whilst it is a fact that letting agents true customers are landlords, it is equally true that we can’t rent property out without people who wish to live in them. That makes you an immensely important person to us.  

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Applying for a Property

CGreat so you've decide to make one of our properties your next home! Okay - now for the boring stuff:


Before accepting you for tenancy, we need to take up references for you. We use referencing services to do this. All applicants must fully complete and sign the application form. Missing information will delay your application. (all applications are taken on a “first come-first served” basis) In addition to the application form applicants must also provide proof of identification:

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The Application Process

You have now applied for tenancy of your next home - what happens next?


If your application is successful you will be required to pay a security deposit within two days and supply us with your move in date. The property will then be suspended from the letting market and held for a maximum period of one month. If you fail to progress the tenancy for any reason the holding deposit will not be refunded.

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Property rental agents are often confused with Social Services. We are not part of any Government Housing Association or body.

We are an independent Agent specialising in the letting and management of privately owned housing stock. As such Tabern Property Consultants charge for their services, some of our charges arise from having to pay for information about you, such as credit references and so forth. Other charges relate to the time involved in preparing documentation and the property for your occupancy...

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Property Inspections

As part of our duty of care to our Landlords we carryout regular inspections on all of our properties and you are obliged under the terms of your contract to cooperate with us and allow fair and reasonable access to all areas of the property.


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When you move into your new home we will present you with an ‘inventory’ of the house.

This document will be both written and photographic. It is a very important part of your move in pack and consequently should be kept in a safe place for future reference....

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Bonds (or Deposits)

A bond is taken in most cases to give the Landlord some assurance that his property will be maintained to at least the standard it was in when you took responsibility for it.

Your contract will specify what exactly your responsibilities are in relation to the maintenance of the property; however it is important that you understand these provisions and act accordingly...

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Rental Payments

You will sign a contract for occupancy of your new home.

This document is a legal and binding and you undertake certain obligations under its terms and conditions, one of which is to pay your rent on time every month. In this regard please note the following:

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Contracts and notices

There can often be confusion regarding contracts and notices. In order to try and help make this area a little clearer we have included a brief overview for your convenience.

Short Assured Tenancy (or fixed term contract)

When you first successfully apply to live in one of our homes, in most cases you will be offered a fixed term contract of a minimum duration of 6 months...

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Handling problems and maintenance issues

We hope your tenancy is trouble free; however, problems occur from time to time. The following explains what to do to in the event of encountering an issue with your home or environment:

As a contracted tenant you take on the responsibility for the security and welfare of the property you occupy during your tenancy.....

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End of Tenancy

Check out - your obligations at the end of your Tenancy.

Whilst we hope your stay in one of our homes is a long one, there may of course come a time when you decide to move on. Should this event come to pass we are quite sure that you will be excited at the prospect of your onward move,either....

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Clearly we hope your stay in one of our homes is trouble free and you are more than satisfied with the service we provide to you. Obviously in life not everything goes to plan and there may be occasion when you feel you have not been treated fairly by us or some niggling issue hasn’t been addressed.

Whilst we would be most disappointed should some such eventuality present itself, we would of course do our upmost to correct matters.....

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