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Why Use an Agent

Why Use an Agent

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One of the most common landlord questions we get asked at Tabern Property Consultants is “why do I need you when I could manage it myself and save some money"

This is often a question pondered by new landlords, but can equally apply to seasoned property owners. The answer lies with the individual landlord concerned. Letting a property can be complicated business and failure to abide by the relevant legislation can prove extremely costly, far more expensive than having an agent manage your affairs for you. At Taberns we answer all our landlord questions so that they are confident that their properties are being properly managed according to the law.

At Taberns we are fully conversant with the law governing property rentals. We are available 24/7 to take the unsociable calls, so that you don't have to. We can also, if necessary, serve notice and deal with any legal or court matters should things not go well.

Overseas landlords

It can be invaluable to use a letting agent whether you are new to being landlord or not, if you have many properties or if you live a long way from your property. In fact if you live abroad you will probably have no choice but to use an agent. It is note worthy that Taberns are a specialist in Overseas Landlords and the tax implications of such status.

Specialist knowledge in the field

Clearly the main reason to use a letting agent, particularly on a full management basis, is that all of the above stress and worry is taken away and you simply look forward to your rent, less the fee, arriving every month in your bank account. Any problems in relation to the tenant or indeed non-payment of rent are not your concern. Indeed selecting a dedicated agent like Taberns, means you have the benefit of many years specialist knowledge in the field.

Don’t necessarily be tempted by estate agents

This is something to consider when selecting an agent. Many estate agents offer a lettings service, particularly since the downturn in the sales market, but in many cases it is simply a bolt-on to their core business of selling property aimed at providing an extra income stream in a tough economic climate. Many landlords may find their service adequate, but when problems occur, to their cost, they can find it wanting as the lack of in-depth knowledge leads to an escalation of the initial issue.

Don’t use a relative or friend to manage your property

Another very important point to remember is, don't rely on relatives and friends to manage your property, as this could come back to haunt you. It is a considerable responsibility which only a committed landlord or a qualified letting agent should take on.

Why Use Taberns?

As well as all the reasons detailed above, we operate a thorough vetting process without exception before considering a potential tenant for a property. All of these steps minimise the potential for things to go wrong.

If you are a confident person, with enough time to spend, you can clearly save a bit of money by managing the property yourself. However, as experienced landlords will no doubt recognise, it’s a big commitment to manage on your own.