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Bonds (or Deposits)

Bonds (or Deposits)

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Bonds (or Deposits)

A bond deposit is taken at the beginning of your tenancy to offer some protection to the landlord should damage be left when you vacate. If the property is in a good state of repair when you leave, save for general minor wear and tear, you will receive your deposit back. If there are repairs to make after you leave they will be paid for out of your deposit. If any of the deposit is surplus after repairs are paid then this will be returned to you.

Your bond will not be held by Tabern Property Consultants or the landlord but by an independent Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS); a legal requirement. You will receive a DPS certificate and a unique identification number that ensures your deposit is not lost. We receive the same from the DPS with our own unique ID number. Both ID numbers are tied to your deposit account and as such both parties must agree for the deposit to be released at the end of your tenancy. Although this may sound formal, it offers a layer of protection to you, the agent and the landlord.