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Property Inspections

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Property Inspections

Property inspections are how we ensure your landlord is complying with the upkeep and maintenance standards and that you as the tenant are playing your role in the reasonable cleanliness, tidiness and maintenance of the property. Property inspections are an opportunity for the landlord to check the condition of their investment property in the least invasive way possible.

Property inspections are conducted on Wednesdays between 10:00am and 4:00pm. You will be notified in writing with plenty of notice of the appointment. Tabern Property Consultants hold a master key that will be used to gain access to your property and by entering in to your tenancy agreement you concur that we shall be allowed access as such. We recognise that you may want to be present during the property inspection which is no problem at all.

Once an appointment has been confirmed with you to inspect the property there is no opportunity to rearrange. Unfortunately in cases where a property inspector attends expecting to meet you but, for whatever reason, you do not attend the appointment or similar circumstances where there is an unexpected change of plans, a £25 rearrangement charge will be levied.

Any problems that the property inspectors find will be discussed with you the tenant and the landlord. A plan will then be agreed to rectify them.

Upon inspection anything the inspector is concerned about he/she will bring to your attention and discuss the matter with you. A plan for remedy of the situation will be confirmed back to you via letter.

Please help us to uphold our agreements and ensure that every room is tidy and accessible in line with your responsibilities as the tenant.