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What you can expect from us

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Renting a home is taking on a big responsibility and as with anything you do in life there's always the detail stuff that seems boring and you feel could wait to another day. We've tried to condense the 'small print' here and give you the tenant a comprehensive overview of the 'do's and don'ts' of renting a home. We strongly urge you to take the time to read the information, which will put you in a much more informed position before renting your next home.

Whilst critics might say a letting agent’s true clients are their landlords, their satisfaction is dependent on our ability to make you a happy tenant. You can be confident in your experience with Tabern Property Consultants due the following Tabern Operating Standards:

  • We will always endeavour to make all aspects of your dealings with us a pleasurable one
  • We will always endeavour to ensure your home is maintained to an appropriate standard, meeting all current legislation and delivering a value for money environment to live in
  • We will always operate with the utmost transparency with regards to terms, conditions and fees
  • We will always respond to your concerns in an appropriate and agreed timescale. And deal with those concerns in a fair and proper manner
  • We will ensure your personal information remains confidential
  • Charges will only ever be levied as per our agreement with you and as per our list of standard charges. We reserve the right to alter our charges at any time, but as a Tabern tenant you would receive prior notification of this
  • We will ensure that any monies deposited with us in the form of bonds etc. are protected by being placed in the Deposit Protection Scheme. After receiving your rent into our account, we will always make prompt payment to your Landlord